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How Martial Arts Help Prevent Bullying

Posted: January 03, 2019

What Martial Arts can do in regards to Bullying

Bullying, particularly in schools, is one of the difficult issues one can encounter. The effect of bullying of kids in schools and other places has hit an epidemic ratio. Bullying has always been a problem, it causes long-term damage to the victim’s self-esteem. But this problem has many ways to encounter it both for the bully and the victim. Through Martial Arts, both sides of the bully equation can be addressed. Here’s how:

Martial Arts for Bullies

Builds confidence: the reason why people bully others often is to enjoy dominance and status. Martial Arts help in building up the confidence of the bully so that they won’t rely on bullying to gain approval and attention,

Increases self-respect: Bullies normally have the urge to be in control. Martial Arts help these kids become more aware of their emotions and actions. It shows them that no one deserves any kind of mistreatment, and everyone deserves respect.

Leadership skills: studies have shown that Bullies might be suffering from an anti-social personality disorder and lack of empathy. This condition makes them ignore other people feeling and rights. Martial Arts help bullies by teaching them the qualities of a leader and also develop the quality of empathy within them.

Discipline: inconsistent approach to disciplining your child is one of the contributing factors to bullying. Martial Arts provides clear-cut and consistent discipline structure that will help Bullies learn the types of behavior accepted in the society and the one that are not.

Martial Arts for kids who are bullied

Builds confidence: Bullies pick on easy targets (weak, unsure of themselves and easily scared). Martial Arts builds up your kid’s confidence, making them project an aura of strength ensuring that they are not easy targets.

Self-respect: one thing that Bullying does is, shatter the victim’s self-esteem leading to a low self-worth and image. In fact, this is the most recognized sign of bullying. Martial Arts teach this child to respect themselves first if they want others to respect them.

Leadership skills: social isolation can put your child at a higher risk of being bullied. Bullies look for less popular kids. Martial Arts train your child to have confidence in socializing. This will help them make more friend and become popular, but not bully targets.

Self-defense: martial arts help stop bullying by teaching your kids how to defend themselves. We saw that Bullies pick on easy targets. Martial Arts will equip your kids with defensive skills, this helps them to naturally project a more confident image.

Help your child to stop being a Bully or keep your child safe from Bullies by enrolling them for Martial Art classes. This will help in nurturing responsible gentlemen and ladies.