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You need to do more than just turn up to class to get your next belt!

Posted: June 27, 2020

From time to time we’re asked by parents when a child is due to grade.  Sometimes it’s not as simple as they know their pattern, or they learnt the new combination.

There are various requirements that a student needs to pass before they will be invited to grade.

These include:

  • Demonstrating they know the practical grading requirements (also shown by having all coloured tips on their belt)
  • Be able to demonstrate a firm underling of previous grading material.
  • Show the correct behaviour by having a Black Belt Attitude at all times in and out of classes
  • Attend training regularly and achieve the minimum number of lessons required to achieve next belt – this is based on a number of lessons NOT number of months

Often we will say it takes 3 or 6 months between grades, but this is based on a student attending a minimum of 2 lessons per week – if a student attends only 1 session, often takes much longer, because there is a whole week between classes so they are not able to retain the information as easily.

The following table shows the minimum amount of lessons a student needs to attend between grades.


Over the past few days we have been assessing our students and who is ready grade; we have noticed a HUGE different between those who have achieved the minimum required lessons by training 2 or 3 times a week, and those those who have spread this out over a longer period by only training once a week;

In most cases, the standard of their techniques, the understanding of the motions and the general knowledge of their training is to a much higher standard.

Although they are learning the same content, in the same lessons but over a longer period of time; they are not able to retain the information in the same way that someone who regularly trains 2 or more times per week can.

Plus add an additional session or two of home practise and you will see EVEN BETTER RESULTS!

What’s More, by training more regularly you will become fitter, more flexible and generally have more energy then by passing your gradings in a shorter period you will have more motivation to push forwards and achieve the next level because you know YOU CAN!